We are one of the largest manufacturer and direct supplier of inflatable sports products.

Nothing shows more team spirit!

Sports Central Creations is the industry leader in manufacturing and selling custom football tunnels and other inflatables. These inflatables are perfect for football games or any other sporting or outdoor event. Sports Central has the widest variety of products in this industry, and everything we make is backed by our 3 ­year warranty ­­ the best in the business. Our inflatables can add visual impact to your next event. Best of all, our products are proudly manufactured right here in our southern California facility. Very few of our competitors can say that!

Watch the crowd go crazy as they see their favorite football team take the field from a custom inflatable sports entrance manufactured by Sports Central Creations. We love football, and we love the spectacle of the teams, the colors, and the fans. The inflatable run through tunnels we create bring style and flair to any football game, other sporting events, or outdoor festival you can imagine. Sports Central Creations is the industry leader in the design and manufacture of fully customized football entrance tunnels and other custom inflatables, and each product is backed by the company’s 3­year warranty. That’s one of the best in the business. Sports Central has the widest variety of products in the industry, too ­­ with customizing, the sky’s the limit for your team or event needs. Best of all, every sports tunnel or other inflatables for sale is proudly manufactured right here in the U.S.A. Few of our competitors can say that!

We specialize in the design and manufacture of football entrance tunnels for games or other special events. We’re proud of our expertise in this industry, and our love for team sporting events shows in the products we make. Our product line is the biggest in the inflatables industry, so there’s a solution perfect for your event needs.

Sports Central Creations football tunnels feature helmets that look just like your team’s helmet, right down to the logos. These helmets are further customized by adding the entrance tunnel in a length to suit your team or stadium needs. The helmet and attached tunnel are large enough to hold a team of 10 to 50 players. The helmets and tunnels are constructed of heavyweight vinyl in an array of colors, and every effort is made to match your team’s colors, logos, and special features.

We’re also quite proud of our football mascot inflatables. Imagine your team’s mascot come to life with a vibrant Sports Central Creations customized product. Using the same heavyweight vinyl as our other products, these inflatable mascots have the color and the look to make them stand out. Mascots come with or without attached tunnels, and the tunnel can be sized for length to suit your team or event needs. All logos are done with our digital artwork printing process and are matched exactly to your team. Talk about a memorable experience for your fans ­­ when the team comes onto the field from one of these run through tunnels, you can be sure everyone will love the effect.

It all begins with a quote ­­ simply contact the company and start the process of turning your team’s dream into a reality. Sports Central Creations prides itself on its quick turnaround; they strive to respond to requests within 24 hours, even on weekends. It is this attention to detail and to customer satisfaction that has made the company an industry leader, with over 10 years of experience designing and building event inflatables that thrill crowds. Customer satisfaction is also why clients keep returning to the company for new and updated products. Need a new team logo, or want to change your team’s colors or other details? Sports Central Creations will be happy to assist you in creating a one­ of­ a­ kind inflatable that will amaze attendees at your next big event. Because we manufacture everything right here in our southern California facility, we can offer very quick turnarounds for even difficult projects ­­ some of the very fastest in the industry. Have a last­ minute need for your upcoming event? Sports Central Creations can get your custom inflatable to you in record time. Better yet, we’ll take a quote from a U.S. competitor and match or beat their price. It is our goal to provide stellar customer service at every step of the way, from the initial design consultation, to product delivery, to follow­ up support. Your organization will love the customized inflatable we build just for your needs, and your event attendees will love it too!

For your next event, a custom inflatable manufactured by Sports Central Creations will dazzle the crowd as they watch their team emerge from the tunnel. Because such a wide variety of options are available through us, there’s an inflatable option for every occasion. With the incredible customer service and manufacturing excellence of the company backing you and your order, you can’t go wrong!


Sports Central Creations constructs its football team helmet tunnels, inflatable mascot tunnels, and other custom inflatables from fire retardant  commercial grade vinyl. This material comes in a myriad of colors and weights, and the finished product is durable for years of repeated use. We chose this material because of its strength and durability. With so many colors to choose from, it is easy to match your team colors, event requirements, or whatever your imagination comes up with. The Sports Central inflatables come with or without attached tunnels, and the tunnel length can be customized to suit your event venue. All logos and artwork on the inflatables are done with a digital process in full color to look and work perfectly with your team or event themes.

Inflatable sports tunnels, mascots, and other custom inflatables come with everything you need to set up and care for your new inflatable. Our packages include the blower(s), heavy duty stakes, tie down strapping, and a storage bag. We even include vinyl patch kits just in case the inflatable gets damaged. Being able to quickly seal any damage means that the inflatable is ready right when it is needed for your special event ­­ no down time!


Sports Central Creations offers a wide variety of products to choose from. Our custom inflatables can be designed to suit your team’s or event’s needs. Here are some of our featured products available to our clients:

Tunnels: the Sports Central Creations tunnels are made of heavyweight vinyl and come in a variety of colors to match your team’s look perfectly. As with our other products, the logos and artwork are done with our photo­ realistic digital printing process. The tunnels come in a number of lengths and widths, depending on your team or event needs. Tunnels can be specified with entrance flaps, logos on the flaps or sides of the tunnels, or without logos and flaps for a streamlined look. These tunnels make for an impressive entrance for your team ­­ imagine the team bursting out onto the field from one of these brightly­ colored, vibrant entrance tunnels!

Inflatable soccer field: our Sports Central Creations inflatable fields are a first in the industry. These portable soccer fields are made of the same heavyweight vinyl as our other products and will last through years of use. They feature inflatable goal posts and high walls to keep balls (and players) inside the enclosure. They can be customized to suit your team or event needs, thanks to the wide array of colors the vinyl is available in. Whether used for practice, fun event activities, or actual competitive use, our inflatable fields are perfect for your next outdoor event.

Inflatable Arches: Sports Central Creations inflatable Arches are available in several configurations like half round, half oval, half square and also double arch. We can customize the size and colors of the inflatable arch to your requirements.

Baseball arcade­ style inflatables: The Sports Central Creations baseball inflatables come in a number of configurations. for your next outdoor event, and are perfect for team practice or just some carnival­ style fun. We construct these inflatables from the colorful heavyweight vinyl used in our other products, so they match your event themes perfectly. All the accessories ­­ the air blower, storage bag, and stakes you need to use and care for your inflatable are included. These inflatables are a great addition to outdoor festivals, and will draw crowds of excited participants.

Gymnastic inflatables: our inflatable gymnastic air mattresses are available in two configurations to suit your event needs. We only use heavyweight commercial ­grade vinyl in the construction of these air mattresses, and that vinyl is available in many colors. High bolsters help keep users safe while tumbling on the inflatables. The gymnastic air mattresses are a fun way for festival participants to safely burn off some steam.

Arcade inflatables: our Sports Central Creations arcade­ style inflatables are available in several configurations, from baseball, to volleyball, to football and more. These inflatables are a bright, colorful way to entertain festival visitors and a good way to generate additional income at your next outdoor event. Practice your hoop­shooting skills, challenge friends to a game of volleyball, or whack a few baseballs with the fun inflatables from Sports Central Creations! All accessories come in the package, including storage bags, a blower, ground cover tarps, and heavyweight stakes.


Sports Central Creations offers a wide range of accessories to go with your new custom inflatable. While many of our accessories come as part of a package deal, spare parts are always a good idea. We offer powerful 1­horsepower air blowers to inflate our products, and also offer tie down straps, heavyweight stakes, storage bags and more to protect and care for your custom inflatable. Sandbags to weigh the inflatables down in windy conditions are available in 50 lb and 100 lb models, and the vinyl can be customized for color to match your team inflatable.

Sports Central Creations also carries a variety of accessories for our arcade­ style inflatables. Want to spar with friends? Strap on a pair of boxing gloves and a head protector and go to it. Have jousting on the agenda? Our jousting pedestals and joust poles help create a fun activity for outdoor events and festivals. Our selection of inflatable accessories is the best in the business, and we’re happy to help make your events a memorable experience for attendees.

Call Sports Central Creations today, or contact us on the web, to get started with a fast and free quote. Your next football game or outdoor festival could be a smashing success with one of our customized, colorful, and durable inflatable products!